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Lithium 12 Hydroxy Stearate

2023-04-04 12:00:03  News

lithium 12 hydroxy stearate is a lithium soap compound that is commonly used as a grease thickener. It is a white powder that is made by reacting lithium hydroxide monohydrate with fatty acids.

Greases formulated with lithium soap are preferred for their high oxidation stability and good water resistance, although they do not perform as well at low temperatures. These lubricants also typically have higher dropping points than other grease types.

The main component of lithium soap grease is 12-hydroxy stearate, which has been incorporated into the formulation of most greases today. Other metallic soaps are sometimes added to these greases as well.

Fatty Acids (Lithium) & Calcium

The fatty acids in lithium-based grease are derived from stearic acid or 12-hydroxy stearic acid. They are usually a mix of natural and synthetic oils.

Lithium stearates are manufactured by mixing distilled or dehydrated stearic acid with equimolar lithium hydroxide monohydrate and heating them to a temperature slightly below boiling point. The resulting dispersions are then collected through spray drying.

Finished Product and Method of Preparation

Lithium stearate is a common ingredient in many greases, including lithium-based, calcium-based, and specialty lithium-based. This fatty acid is a favorite among manufacturers of lithium-based grease because it gives the product a smooth, buttery texture. It is usually used in conjunction with a thickened medium-viscosity mineral oil or a synthetic lubricant. The acid is often dispersed in silicone oil or ester oil for added performance at high temperatures.

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