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Moly Based Lubricant Grease

2022-12-21 04:20:04  News

Moly-based lubricant grease is a special kind of grease that is used to reduce friction in machinery. This lubricant helps prevent rust and corrosion and waterproofs treated surfaces.

It is an excellent choice for open gears, bull and ring gears, conveyors, mining equipment, automotive parts, and many more. It is also great for use with universal joints and CV joints.

The basic stock oil content of a moly based lubricant can vary between 70% and 95%. However, it is recommended to keep the total solid content at 5% or less. This ensures the longevity of the Graco products.

In order to get the most out of the Moly based lubricant, the customer needs to know the right application for it. The benefits of using the grease far outweigh the initial cost.

In addition to reducing friction, the moly-based lubricant is an excellent choice for heavy load machineries, such as trucks and construction equipment. It has a high yield strength of at least 3450 MPa.

It is a tough metal with a melting point of 4,370 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a load-bearing capacity of 500,000 pounds per square inch. Its unique chemical properties help it withstand extreme loads and pressure. It is also capable of working in high temperatures.

Its unique properties enable it to form a penetrating film on the surface of the metal. It is the perfect lubricant for machineries that need to be greased, especially for those with high-pressure or high-temperature applications.

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