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Moly Disulfide Coating

2023-05-02 00:20:03  News

moly disulfide coating is a dry film lubricant that is commonly used in applications where load carrying capacity, operating temperature and coefficient of friction are primary concerns. The lamellar lattice structure of the molybdenum disulfide enables it to create a permanent bond with the surface it is applied to.

Custom bonded moly disulfide coatings are formulated to provide exceptional lubrication performance over a wide temperature range, under high pressure and corrosive exposure conditions. They are utilized in heavy load applications such as metal forming, extrusion and cold-heading where friction reduction is critical to component operation.

Typical uses of moly disulfide coated parts include: valves, cylinder heads, valve plates, piston rings, crankshafts, rods, and gearboxes. Coatings are corrosion resistant, non-stick, heat resistant and lead free. They also offer anti-galling, release, and low-friction.

Molybdenum disulfide coatings are also commonly used as a high strength, low-friction coating on the nuts of Parker Hannifin’s premium CPI(tm) compression fitting products. The coating provides easy initial make-up with very low torque, consistent remake and exceptional, leak-tight performance under demanding applications including pressure, temperature, corrosion exposure, and vibration.

In addition, moly disulfide can function in an ultrahigh vacuum environment without losing its slippery property. This unique ability is the result of a complex chemical reaction that occurs between the oxygen in the molybdenum disulfide and nitrogen.

This has been demonstrated in several studies where the pure molybdenum disulfide coating exhibits anomalous low friction behavior in ultrahigh vacuum environments. The friction is remarkably lower than that of pure nitrogen in the superlow regime (typically 10 nPa), which is a very surprising result since both stoichiometric and non-stoichiometric molybdenum disulfide have very similar friction behavior at all tribological temperatures and pressures.

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