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PTFE Oil Additive

2023-04-30 16:30:04  News

When it comes to motor oil additives, PTFE or Polytetrafluoroethylene is one of the most popular. It is a solid synthetic fluoropolymer that repels water, resists heat and has a low coefficient of friction against solid surfaces.

PTFE can be added to your engine oil and is available in different particle sizes. Depending on the size of the particles, it can increase the viscosity of your engine oil and improve performance.

The best way to find the right ptfe oil additive for your engine is to do some research. Look for a manufacturer who uses test data that correlates against other lubricants. The Sequence IIID, Sequence VD and L-38 tests are all industry standards that can be used to verify the effectiveness of any ptfe oil additive.

A good ptfe oil additive can reduce fuel consumption by 4 to 8%. It minimizes oxidation, improves engine efficiency and reduces the temperature of the piston rings resulting in better lubrication. It also helps to avoid "Stick-Slip" which results in leakage along the piston rings preventing compression of the pistons.

Whether or not a ptfe oil additive is a good choice for your engine depends on many things, including the type of lube your vehicle is running and your driving habits. Most people simply change their engine oil and oil filter on a regular basis to maintain proper lubrication for their vehicles.

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