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PTFE Seals Manufacturer

2023-05-08 00:00:03  News

A ptfe seals manufacturer can design and manufacture a wide range of radial shaft seals with one or more PTFE sealing lip(s). These ptfe seals are designed to withstand aggressive environments, high temperatures, dry running and pressures that traditional elastomeric seals cannot withstand. They can be used in applications ranging from two-seater light aircraft to heavy long-range commercial airliners. These ptfe seals are supplied unfilled or with fillers such as glass fiber, glass bead, graphite and molybdenum disulfide depending on specific requirements.

These ptfe seals are CNC machined to extremely tight tolerances – which is in line with best-in-class global tolerance norms. Each part is assigned a unique batch number and undergoes a strict inspection process including raw material inspection, in-process and final inspection. These ptfe seals can be produced in low to high volumes. They can also be custom manufactured to suit specific application requirements.

One of the most important factors when selecting an O-Ring is its chemical compatibility. The presence of caustic or corrosive chemicals that are not compatible with rubber compounds may rule out the use of standard elastomeric O-Rings. PTFE offers excellent chemical compatibility across a wide range of temperatures, making it the ideal choice in these situations.

Another reason that PTFE is often preferred to elastomeric O-Rings is its exceptional low friction characteristic. This can be beneficial in dynamic sealing applications, as it reduces heat generation by friction. The same low friction characteristic makes it an ideal choice for cryogenic applications where extreme temperature conditions can destroy the elastomeric properties of standard O-Rings.

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