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Synergy Lubricant Solutions

2023-04-15 09:35:04  News

synergy lubricant solutions is a Kenyan company that produces high-quality lubricants. It provides a range of lubricants for various applications like agriculture, industrial and construction. Its products are sourced from reputable manufacturers and have earned several ISO certifications for quality and safety.

synergy lubricant solutions aims to offer innovative lubricant management systems that will help reduce lubrication and maintenance costs in a variety of industries. It also offers an online lubricant ordering system and delivery services.

Its lubricant products are designed to provide maximum protection for machines and equipment while ensuring their longevity. They are available in various forms including oil, lubricating grease and sprays.

The company has a small but dedicated team of professionals who provide top-notch lubricants and service to both consumers and businesses. Its operations have earned several ISO certifications in the quality and safety categories, and it plans to open a full-fledged oil blending plant in Salalah Free Zone in Nigeria in September 2020.

The company’s sales representatives are constantly on the road marketing the company’s products to customers and getting new clients in different regions. The problem they faced was keeping track of their daily activities on the field as well as collecting market information from customers which would then enable them make informed decisions as a company and steer the business forward. With Senri, they were able to effectively monitor their sales representative’s daily activities and receive data on the back-end which would give them a better understanding of their market and assist them in making decisions that will benefit the business.

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