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The Smoothest Tungsten Disulfide WS2 Brings Great Bene Fits to the Automotive Industry

2020-08-28 16:00:23  News

As a new type of dry lubricant, tungsten disulfide WS2 has relatively stable chemical properties and can adapt to too harsh conditions. WS2 can provide maximum protection against wear, rust, and corrosion, and is environmentally friendly. It is non-toxic and will not harm human health or cause pollution to the environment. It can be widely used in the automotive industry to provide Brings many benefits.

WS2 is a layered crystal structure with excellent lubricity and a very low friction coefficient. The dynamic friction coefficient is 0.030, and the static friction coefficient is 0.070. It is coated on the surface of auto parts, which can significantly reduce wear, seizure, etc., eliminate or reduce Equipment repair and maintenance problems caused by friction, wear, etc., improve the working efficiency and service life of auto parts, and save time and cost for users. Here are a few examples of tungsten disulfide applications in the automotive industry.

When the car engine is running, the temperature will be very high, and the piston will rotate back and forth at a very high speed. Operating under such harsh conditions, the piston will accelerate wear. Due to the low friction coefficient of WS2, the lubrication effect can be maintained for parts used for high temperatures or heavy load friction. At this time, coating it on the surface of the piston will reduce wear, lower temperature, and extend service life.

Comparative Oxidation Rates of MoS2 and WS2.png

The piston ring is the least durable part of the engine. The piston ring rotates with the piston at high speed and is affected by the high temperature and high-pressure gas in the cylinder. The oil is particularly prone to deterioration at high temperatures, so its wear is severe. With tungsten disulfide coating or tungsten disulfide grease, friction is reduced, and it can move happily with the piston under the conditions of high speed, high pressure, high temperature, and extremely difficult lubrication.

The crankshaft is an essential part of the engine. Its working condition is also high-speed rotation, so it must be able to withstand wear and fatigue. The surface of the journal is generally high-frequency quenched or nitrided. The body is coated with WS2 and finely ground, and its wear resistance and fatigue strength will be significantly improved.

The universal joints, steering knuckles, spring steel plate bushes, and front and rear brake cam bushes in automobiles are relatively challenging to apply oil. The infrequent operation, the lubricating oil used, will deteriorate and lose its lubricating effect. WS2 has excellent mechanical stability and thermal stability, which can guarantee the lubrication effect of these parts and reduce wear.

WS2 has excellent compatibility, water erosion resistance, and affinity with most paints, solvents, and fuels. It can ensure that there is always a layer of the lubricating layer on the surface of the bearing in the water pump and the silicon oil fan clutch and the spiral gear of the driving distributor, to protect against rust and corrosion.

The excellent performance of WS2 is not only used in the automotive industry, but also a wide range of applications, such as the machinery industry, plastics industry, medical device industry, military, aerospace, satellites, aerospace ships, and other high-tech fields.

Other application areas of WS2 nanoparticles

(1) WS2 nanoparticles can be used as an additive for high-temperature grease. After adding tungsten disulfide powder, the fat has excellent properties such as high dropping point, high oil film strength, and low friction factor. It is also used as a colored and black brush additive in the carbon industry. It can also be applied to superhard materials and welding wire materials, as well as to solid lubrication in aerospace (-270℃~1300℃, only WS2 can withstand this temperature in space lubrication), aviation, military, and other fields;

(2)WS2 nanoparticles can replace the application fields of MoS2 and graphite, and have a broader range of uses. Moreover, molybdenum and tungsten are chemical elements of the same family, and tungsten is more massive than molybdenum and has more stable chemical properties;

(3)WS2 nanoparticles are used as a solid additive for lubricating grease. The powder is mixed with lubricating grease at a ratio of 1% to 5%, which can enhance the lubricating performance and high temperature and extreme pressure performance of lubricating grease. In use, ws2 powder is adsorbed on the surface of matching moving parts, which can effectively reduce friction, improve lubricity, drop point and heavy load performance for a long time;

(4) WS2 nanoparticles as a lubricating coating. WS2 powder can be sprayed on the surface of the substrate by dry and cold air under 0.8Mpa (120psi) pressure. Spraying can be carried out at room temperature, and the coating is 0.5 microns thick. In another way, the powder is mixed with isopropanol, and the sticky substance is applied to the substrate. At present, WS2 coating has been used to many fields, such as automobile parts, racing engine parts, aviation parts, bearings, shafts, deep-sea transportation tools, cutting tools, blades, cutters, knives,  high-precision bearings, valve components, Pistons, chains, etc.

Two established ways the tungsten disulfide powder can be used are:
1 Mixing the tungsten disulfide powder with wet lubricants (such as oil, grease or other synthetic lubricants):
The tungsten disulfide powder can be mixed 1wt% to 15wt% (as required) with grease or oil. This will enhance lubricity of the mixture and also improves High Temperature and Extreme Pressure properties of mixture. During the use, tungsten disulfide powder in the mixture will get coated on mating/moving parts, which in turn reduces friction and improves lubricity and load bearing ability for much longer cycles.

2Coating the tungsten disulfide powder on a substrate requiring (dry) lubricant
The tungsten disulfide powder can be coated by spraying (at 120 psi) the substrate with dry (& or cool) pneumatic air. It does not require any binders and spraying can be done at normal room temperature. Coated film will be 0.5 micron thick. In an alternative application method, the powder can also be mixed with
isopropyl alcohol and this paste could be buffed to the substrate.

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