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Transmission Friction Modifier Additive

2023-03-05 07:10:03  News

transmission friction modifier additive

ATF Additive is a high tech product that will improve the performance of your transmission. It helps reduce shudder & vibration, eliminates leaks, restores O-rings & seals and prolongs the life of your transmission fluid. It's also a great way to help prevent oil breakdown & foaming.

The Synergol TMS Technology in this product is what makes it the best & most effective shudder prevention additive on the market today!

This patented friction modifier molecule is a hydrocarbyl compound having 8 to 30 carbon atoms. It consists of a polar end (head) and an oil-soluble end (tail). The head attaches to the metal surface and creates a cushion for the metal to sit on against another metal. The tails stand up like a roll, holding the cushioned surfaces in light contact with each other to form a thick boundary film that is softer than the metal surface.

As a result, this material is able to modify the m-V characteristic of a torque converter which will increase the slip speed and reduce the coefficient of friction in order to prevent & eliminate T/C shudder without damaging the clutch lockups and torque carrying capacity of the automatic transmission fluid at low speeds. This is because the compound has a unique ability to modify the m-V characteristic, making it extremely durable against the effects of aging.

Having the ability to maintain consistent high-speed frictional properties & proper low-speed frictional properties for preventing & eliminating T/C shudder without damaging the torque converter or reducing the transmission's torque carrying capacity at low speeds is essential for maintaining the longevity of your vehicle. This is why this is the only shudder prevention additive you'll ever need for your manual or automatic transmission!