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What Does Friction Modifier Do?

2023-05-02 14:10:03  News

what does friction modifier do?

Friction Modifiers are added to lubricants in order to reduce friction and wear on machine components. They are particularly important in the boundary lubrication regime, where they can prevent solid surfaces from coming into direct contact and substantially reduce friction and wear.

They are also used to control torque application through clutch and band engagements in automatic transmission fluids and limited-slip axle lubricants, which can be especially useful in situations where a lot of power is needed without a lot of traction. They are also deployed in engine oils and automatic transmission fluids to help improve fuel economy by reducing friction and improving the lubricity of metal-to-metal contact points.

These additives can be very effective at preventing wear and reducing noise when they are applied in lubricating oil for internal combustion engines or transmissions, but they can also prevent micropitting of metal surfaces when used in industrial gear lubricants. Despite these benefits, it is still best to avoid adding too much of them, as they may cause the clutches in your vehicle to slip or wear out prematurely and not engage properly.

Yukon offers a variety of friction modifiers that are perfect for your gear oil needs. We offer high-quality friction modifiers that can be used to maintain the lubrication of ring and pinion gear sets, spider and side gears, limited slip differentials, bearings and axles in your truck, car or motorcycle.

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