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What Is PTFE?

2023-03-20 08:00:02  News

ptfe, or polytetrafluoroethylene, is a durable and flexible elastomer that offers a wide range of excellent chemical inertness, thermally and electrically resistive properties. It has a dense and strong molecular structure consisting of a chain of carbon atoms that are bonded with two fluorine atoms each. This combination of high flexural strength, chemical inertness, heat resistance, and electrical insulation makes it an ideal choice for many applications.

Various materials are used to make ptfe, including fine powders and water-based dispersions. The fine powders are produced by controlled emulsion polymerization. These white, small-sized particles can be processed into thin sections by paste extrusion or used as additives for improving wear resistance and frictional properties of other materials.

In the aqueous dispersion polymerization process, water, an initiator chemical, and liquid ptfe are introduced into a reaction chamber. The chamber is agitated only lightly, resulting in tiny beads of ptfe. Once these beads have formed, a certain amount of water is removed, resulting in a milky substance. The liquid is then cooled and dried to form a fine powder.

It is also commonly used to make a double-layer electrode for AFCs, which should have a backing material (BM), a GDL, and an active layer (AL). The BM can be made from any material that will allow it to function as a current collector in a PEMFC.

ptfe is also used as an inner coating material in non-stick cookware, which prevents food from sticking to pans. However, these coatings release various gases and chemicals when used at normal cooking temperatures. Moreover, these materials release the toxic environmental pollutant PFOA, which has been linked to lung cancer and other health problems.

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