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What Is The Difference in The Composition and Use Effect of 15-100 USD

2020-08-04 15:45:18  News

The primary function of lubricating oil is lubrication, heat dissipation, anti-wear, shock absorption, and cleaning. It can be said that lubricating oil is like the blood of the engine, so the service life of the engine also depends on the quality of the engine oil. Choose a suitable lubricant wisely. It is also an important thing, and today I will teach you how to choose a suitable engine oil. The engine oil ranges from the US $ 15-100, and there is a distinction between fully synthetic, semi-synthetic, and mineral oil. So what is the difference between them? How do we choose the right engine oil?

What Is The Difference in The Composition and Use Effect of 15-100 USD

First, the cheapest mineral oil is around $ 15.

Most mineral oils are synthesized using class II base oils combined with lubricating oil additives.Class Ⅱ base oil: It is also called hydrogenated base oil using the hydrocracking process. 

Disadvantages: the molecules are arranged unevenly, and a little more impurities mean higher friction. It is not easy to dissolve with chemical additives and quickly produce chemical reactions, so there will not be too many frictions reducing oil additives, antioxidants, and pour point depressants. High-temperature protection can only rely on high viscosity to increase the oil film thickness to protect the engine! That is, the characteristic 10W40 high viscosity has an absolute increase in the engine running resistance. Poor fluidity during cold start results in loud noise, etc.! Therefore, the current mineral oil is gradually replaced by semi-synthetic; after all, the price is relatively close. In cold seasons, starting difficulties may occur, or cold-start wear may increase.

Secondly, a semi-synthetic engine oil around $ 30

It is a combination of mineral oil and class III base oil. Compared with mineral oil, semi-synthetic class III base oil has less purity and impurities. It adopts high hydrocracking or hydroisomerization process to filter out the mineral oil. Impurities, prevent accelerated oxidation, rearrange the molecules inside. This also means that the friction is smaller, and it can also make differential oil additive better compatible with the base oil. After adding anti-friction additives, it can also achieve low viscosity and high protection under high-temperature conditions, which is why turbines are required. For reasons above semi-synthesis, the turbine temperature of thousands of degrees must also rely on engine oil to dissipate heat. Semi-synthesis is treated, and the synthetic fluidity is higher. Adding a small amount of the best oil additive can also make the oil film difficult to crack under high pressure and encounter high-temperature oxidation. And more stable. Of course, semi-synthetic is still semi-synthetic, after all. Due to the base oil, the long-term performance and stability are not the best.

Finally, fully synthetic engine oil of around $ 100

At present, most of the fully synthetic engine oils are the type mentioned above III base oils combined with the four types of base oils. The addition of the four types of oils makes up the low-temperature fluidity and high-temperature protection of the type III oils due to the addition of the four kinds of insufficient oils that can be said to be an enhanced version of semi-synthetic engine oil in all aspects. Fully synthetic engine oil has higher fluidity at high temperatures and low temperatures. It has added more expensive additives: such as ZDDP (best zinc oil additive), moly additive (MoS2, MoDTC, and MoDTP), hexagonal boron nitride, titanium alloy elements, WS2, lipids, etc. Most of these elements have absolute adsorption on metal, and the friction resistance is meager, which can reduce the engine running strength and reduce the wear between the metal of the engine. This is also a part of the owners who can feel the open after switching from semi-synthetic to fully synthetic. One of the reasons why it feels lighter.

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So how to choose the right engine oil?

First, check the maintenance manual of your car. The required labels and engine oil specifications, such as the Japanese American cars require the GF-5 standard, the German vehicles require the A3B4 and C3 measures, and the French system requires the A5B5. Strict or choose a logo certified by your car manufacturer! As for the choice of fully synthetic or semi-synthetic or even mineral oil, the most expensive engine oil currently is double-fat or multi-fat engine oil. It is developed for most racing cars and streetcars, but it has poor long-term performance, is easy to emulsify in water, and is not suitable for daily use. Use. If there is frequent congestion, long-term low-speed crawling, or poor road conditions, choosing a semi-synthetic oil change every six months can keep the engine clean, and it can also ensure that the engine oil is always in the best state.

Fully synthetic engine oil has a higher price. Although it is long-lasting and protective, some gasoline is natural to burn incompletely under adverse road conditions. The impurities left by combustion will be mixed into the engine oil. This will still accelerate the deterioration of the engine oil, and the protection and long-term performance will gradually deteriorate. This is also the reason why some fully synthetic engine oils are marked for replacement within eight months. So if the road conditions are right or if you run a high-speed for a long time, you can run more than 10,000 kilometers for half a year, or thousands of kilometers a year. Choosing a full-synthesis can save a certain amount of cost and time. As for the gap between power and fuel consumption, for some good-powered models, the difference between semi-synthesis and full-synthesis is not too noticeable.

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