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What are lubricant oil additives

2020-12-10 15:03:49  News

Although additives only account for 1% to 20% of the lubricating oil composition, it is precisely because of the presence of additives that the performance of the lubricating oil in a certain aspect is improved, thereby obtaining the desired effect.

What are lubricant additives?

Additives: Compounds used to improve the performance of lubricating oils by adding a small amount of ingredients.

Common additives are: detergents and dispersants, antioxidants, anticorrosives, pour point depressants, antifoaming agents, rust inhibitors, viscosity index improvers, etc.

Viscosity index improvers are the leading products of lubricant additives, accounting for approximately 23.3% of the entire market share in 2015.

Reasons for the appearance of additives:

With the continuous development of the machinery industry and the increasingly stringent environmental requirements, the requirements for the performance of lubricants are also getting higher and higher, which forces the production of additives.

In order to improve the performance of lubricants, in addition to further improving the quality of the base oil, the use and improvement of additives are also indispensable.

The role of oil additives:

1. Give lubricants new properties;

2. Strengthen the performance of base oil;

3. Slow down the speed of bad changes in lubricating oil.

Types of oil additives

1. Additives that improve the physical properties of base oils, such as viscosity index improvers, anti-foaming agents, pour point depressants, etc.;

2. Additives to protect the lubricated surface, such as anti-corrosion agent, anti-rust agent, anti-wear agent, detergent and dispersant, etc.;

3. Additives to protect lubricating oil, such as antioxidants.

In order to improve performance, at least one additive is added to current lubricants, and some lubricants contain more than ten kinds of additives. Such as detergents, which can be used to solubilize polar substances, neutralize acidic substances in lubricating oils, and make some lubricating oils have antioxidant properties; dispersants can prevent the formation of sludge, keep the engine clean, and correct the accumulation of soot. .

Global lubricant oil additives market

The additive market can be divided into four categories:

1. Deposition control additives;

2. Viscosity control additives;

3. Film-forming additives;

4. Other lubricant additives.

Four major international oil additive companies:

Lubrizol (Lubrizol), Infineum (Infineum), Chevron (Chevron Oronite), Afton (Afton)

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