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What is PTFE Clothing?

2023-04-28 18:40:04  News

PTFE clothing is a type of garment that uses polytetrafluoroethylene, or PTFE. It's a fluoropolymer with low friction, and it's resistant to heat & chemical attacks. It's used in many different kinds of applications including non-stick cookware, bearings, bushings & slide plates, as well as industrial coatings and other products.

Teflon fabric protector is an industry leader in durable stain & soil protection for apparel, home textiles & a variety of other items made from textiles. It surrounds each fiber with an invisible molecular shield that guards against oil- and water-based stains, dust and dry soil.

The Teflon fabric protector is applied during the weaving process to incorporate the stain resistance into the material rather than sprayed on top of it like other stain protectants typically found in furniture or carpet. This also allows the fabric to remain soft and not stiffen up as it would if the stain resistant were sprayed onto the fabric instead of incorporated into it during the weaving process.

Stains & dirt are effectively removed from the fabric during the washing process. As the stain release agent is hydrophilic, it provides moisture management meaning it absorbs & evaporates liquids quickly to keep the fabric clean & smelling fresh. This works without changing the weight, look, feel, color or breathability of the fabric & all of that means less waste!

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