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What is a Friction Reducer Oil Additive?

2023-01-10 04:40:03  News

A friction reducer oil additive is an important product that can help to decrease the amount of friction in an engine or a vehicle. In the process, it helps to increase the horsepower and fuel economy of your engine.

There are a number of different types of friction reducers available on the market. Most of them contain petroleum distillates. Others include polyacrylamide. They can be used for both petrol and diesel engines.

Friction reducers are able to significantly improve the performance of your vehicle, especially if you use a turbocharged engine. One of the best products available is Hot Shot's Secret FR3. This innovative friction reducer has a number of unique benefits.

The patented lubricants in this product are unique. They have properties that are not found in PAO or mPAO synthetics. These unique lubricating qualities allow them to provide effective protection for metal parts, including the engine.

Using a friction reducer will not only improve the efficiency of your engine, but it will also prevent sludge formation. It is ideal for power steering units. Other areas of your vehicle can also benefit from using a friction reducer.

Hot Shot's Secret FR3 Friction Reducer is made with three patented lubricants. They are each designed to increase the wear reduction and lubricating properties of your host oil.

The unique blend of lubricants in Hot Shot's Secret FR3 is complemented with nano carbons. Nano carbons are a highly effective friction reducer. They provide a smoother surface for the lubricating film and improve the durability of your ring seals.

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