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What is the difference between general-purpose lithium grease and molybdenum disulfide general-purpose lithium grease

2022-06-02 11:51:06  News

General Purpose Lithium Grease:

1. Features of general-purpose lithium-based grease

The manufacturing process of lubricating grease is to disperse thickener in lubricant to obtain a stable solid, namely lubricating grease. Lubricating grease is mainly composed of thickening agent, base oil, additives and fillers.

2. The main purpose of general-purpose lithium-based grease

Lithium-based grease is mainly suitable for the lubrication of rolling and sliding parts of various mechanical equipment in the temperature range of -20 to 120 °C, and the speed of the lubricated parts should not be too high.

3. Main properties of general-purpose lithium-based grease

The appearance of lithium-based grease is yellow to brown solid grease with high dropping point, good adhesion, mechanical stability and lubricity.

Molybdenum disulfide general purpose lithium grease

1. Molybdenum disulfide general-purpose lithium grease features:

Molybdenum disulfide general-purpose lithium base grease has good extreme pressure performance, high temperature resistance and excellent lubricating performance; molybdenum disulfide general-purpose lithium base grease also has excellent resistance to shock loads and vibration loads.

2. The main purpose of general lithium base grease of molybdenum disulfide

Molybdenum disulfide general lithium base grease is mainly suitable for various high temperature and high load automobiles, machine tools, motors, mixers and other machinery.

Comparing the characteristics and application range of the above two kinds of greases, we can get the difference between the two kinds of greases:

1. Different applicable temperatures

Molybdenum disulfide general-purpose lithium-based grease is suitable for higher temperature environments, while the operating temperature range of general-purpose lithium-based grease is relatively low, so the grease should be reasonably selected according to the operating conditions.

2. Different performance

Molybdenum disulfide general-purpose lithium-based grease has better impact resistance and can be used in lubricating environments with harsher working conditions.

The composition of the grease:

Grease is mainly composed of thickener, base oil and additives.

1. Base oil

The base oil is the dispersion medium in the grease dispersion system. Generally, medium and high viscosity petroleum lubricating oil is used as the base oil for general lubricating grease, and some synthetic lubricating oil is used as the base oil in order to meet the needs of mechanical lubrication and sealing in harsh conditions.

2. Thickener

Thickening agent is an important component of lubricating grease. Thickening agent is dispersed in base oil and forms the structural skeleton of grease, so that the base oil is adsorbed and fixed in the structural skeleton.

3. Additives and fillers

A class of additives is required for lubricating grease, called peptizer, which makes the combination of oil and soap more stable? Such as glycerin and water. Another type of additive is the same as that in lubricating oil, such as antioxidant, anti-wear and rust inhibitor, but the amount is generally more than that in lubricating oil.

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