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  • Oil additives are additives that reduce the coefficient of friction of lubricants under boundary lubrication conditions. Lubricant energy-saving anti-friction additives appearing on the market generally belong to this kind of additives. In the fluid lubrication state, the surface...……
    Mar 24
  • The primary function of lubricating oil is lubrication, heat dissipation, anti-wear, shock absorption, and cleaning. It can be said that lubricating oil is like the blood of the engine, so the service life of the engine also depends on the quality of the engine oil. Choose a suit...……
    Feb 27
  • With the development of industrial technology, high speed, high performance, high automation, high efficiency, and long life required by modern equipment, it is challenging to meet the requirements of lubrication with mineral oil alone. Adding a small number of other substances t...……
    Jan 17
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