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  • MoS2 as a solid lubricant has the advantages of low friction coefficient, high bearing capacity, full use temperature range, excellent adhesion, anti-friction, and corrosion resistance, but the moisture in the humid environment will cause the MoS2 friction coefficient to increase...……
    Dec 04
  • There are five main types of solid lubricants: carbon-based materials, transition metal disulfides (such as MoS2 and WS2), polymers (such as PTFE lubricant), soft metal, and ceramic high-temperature lubricating materials. Among them, carbon-based materials and transition metal di...……
    Dec 03
  • Molybdenum compound friction modifier occupies a significant place in numerous lubricating materials is due to its excellent tribological performance, can significantly improve the antiwear and friction-reducing lubricant, reducing friction and wear on the surface of the friction...……
    Nov 06
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