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  • Regarding the anti-friction and anti-wear mechanism of nano-lubricants, it is mainly inclined to the following three cases: (1) the repair effect of nano lubricant additives; (2) nano lubricant additives form a film on the surface of friction pairs; (3) nano lubricant additives T...……
    Mar 20
  • Previously, some scholars used nano materials as lubricant additives in lubricating oils. It was found that nano materials can be used as friction modifier additives and EP additives, which significantly promoted the reduction of friction and abrasion resistance and the carrying ...……
    Mar 17
  • EP additives and anti-friction additives are the most important among lubricants. Commonly used engine oil additives. Adding EP additives to the grease under pressure can reduce friction, wear and sintering of mechanical parts, and lubricate the machine, thereby improving the wor...……
    Feb 27
  • Mechanical equipment in high load and high speed, friction, and wear under high temperature and the extreme condition is relatively severe, urgent need high-performance lubricant oil. Therefore, prompting lubricant oil quality upgrading, development of excellent anti-wear perform...……
    Nov 29
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