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Engine Oil Additives Friction Modifier MoDTC(liquid)
  • Engine Oil Additives Friction Modifier MoDTC(liquid)

Engine Oil Additives Friction Modifier MoDTC(liquid)

MoDTC is an excellent friction modifier, which can be decomposed into nanometer molybdenum disulfide in the process of use, playing a excellent role in lubrication and friction reduction.
Appearance:Breen liquid
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Engine Oil Additives Friction Modifier MoDTC(liquid) introduce:

Description of MoDTC

MoDTC is a lubricant additive with excellent anti-friction and anti-wear effects. With the increase of people's requirements for oil quality and the introduction of new quality standards for lubricants, MoDTC are continually developing in the direction of low phosphorus and sulfur, and pollution-free. MoDTC can be uniformly dissolved in oil and stably dispersed, which solves the problem of solubility in lubricating oils and has become an ideal lubricant additive. MoDTC is an efficient friction modifier additive. This organic molybdenum has the function of anti-oxidation and particular anti-corrosion ability while maintaining the anti-friction and anti-wear properties.

Chemical structure of MoDTC

MoDTC structure


Recommended dosage of MoDTC

Lubricating oil: 0.2-1.0% ;

Grease: 1.0-3.0%.

Application of MoDTC

MoDTC is a suitable anti-friction and anti-wear agent with strong adaptability and full appeal. MoDTC can be added to various lubricating oils and greases, and it can act on multiple friction pairs. In addition to the standard base mineral oils such as 150SN and liquid paraffin, MoDTC perform well in synthetic oils such as PAO, polyether oil, and various vegetable oils. Besides being mainly used in engine oil, they can also be used in rolling fluids and vehicles In the grease of the chassis. MoDTC additives have friction-reducing effects on friction pairs of various materials, such as alloy steel, phosphor bronze, and different diamond-like coatings.

Characteristics of MoDTC 

1. High molybdenum content without phosphorus;

2.Good oil solubility;

3.Low odor;

4.Excellent anti-friction performance;

5.Excellent wear resistance;

6.Unique synergy.

Physical and chemical data of MoDTC 

AppearanceBreen liquid
Flash point (opening,°C)≥130
Thermal decomposition temperature  >330

Packing specification of MoDTC 

Net weight: 25 kg/drum,or as your request.

Shipping of MoDTC

MoDTC could be shipped out by sea , by air, by express?as soon as possible once payment receipt.

Security statement of MoDTC 

MoDTC is not classified as dangerous goods, it can be transported by land, sea or air and stored in dry, clean and ventilated warehouses.

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